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This department is located at:


1001 West Pinhook Road, Bldg. 3, Suite 304
Lafayette, Louisiana 70503

Phone:  337.235.0751
Fax:   337.235.4787


Assistant District Attorneys:

  • Shane Mouton

  • Désirée G. Dangerfield

  • Jeffery L. Brunson            


Our services are available to applicants who would like:

  1. Establishment of paternity

  2. Establishment of support obligation, including medical support obligation

  3. Collection and distribution of support payments, including spousal support in conjunction with child support order

  4. Enforcement of support obligation, including medical and spousal


We also handle UIFSA cases which are a part of a national effort to streamline the establishment and collection of child support obligations across state lines.  It implements a one order system, which can be amended and modified as necessary only by the state which has continuing exclusive jurisdiction.

The following is an illustrative list of remedies available to District Attorneys in establishing and collecting child support:

  • License suspension

  • Court ordered DNA testing

  • Income assignments in both interstate and intrastate cases

  • Federal tax refund offsets

  • Reporting delinquency information to credit bureaus

  • Louisiana lottery offset against winnings for child support arrears

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