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All public records requests should be addressed to the District Attorney and should comply with statutory requirements found in La. R.S. 44.1.  Requests not in compliance with the statute will be declined. The Office of the District Attorney had a copying fee of $1 per copied page.


NOTE:  Any payments made to the District Attorney’s Office, including those for public record requests, must be made in the form of a money order.  Our office cannot accept cash or personal checks.


Please be aware that the Office of the District Attorney will not provide any information related to a pending criminal investigation or prosecution or any information that is deemed privileged work product.


Please also be aware that the Office of the District Attorney is not the statutory custodian having custody and control over many of the documents requested via public records requests.  You would be well advised to ensure that we are the statutory custodian before submitting your request.


All public records requests or freedom of information requests should be directed to:


15th Judicial District Attorney
c/o Donald D. Landry 
P.O. Box 3306
Lafayette, LA  70502

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